Your cell phone could protect you from identity theft at the pump, Most credit card skimmers use Bluetooth technology

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August 14, 2017

I did not know this. Gonna give it a try anyway the next time I fill up. Didn't know the receipt could be used for several different reasons. Why didn't someone figure this out before? From a local TV station in Texas:

AUSTIN, Texas - Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, Sid Miller, released a video of tips to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft at the pump.

While many were widely known tips and tricks, Miller shared a little-known fact about the usefulness of your cell phone to combat identity theft.

1.) Avoid pumps out of a gas station clerk's view

Gas pumps out of a clerk's view are more susceptible to tampering.

2.) Use a credit card

Miller suggests using a credit card over a debit card when at the pump. In the event your identity is stolen, thieves can clear out your bank account if you use a debit card.

3.) Get a receipt

If you have your identity is stolen, you are able to narrow down where your identity was stolen using your receipt. Additionally, Miller said if you get bad fuel that damages your car, the gas station's insurance company can foot the bill for repairs if you can produce a receipt.

4.) Look for signs of tampering

Miller advises people to grab the credit card reader to see if it's loose and -- if it is loose -- to report it to the clerk. Miller also said many pumps will have seals to identify tampering. If the seal on the "cabinet" of the pump is broken, you should report it to the gas station clerk.

5.) Use your phone

Many credit card readers use Bluetooth technology. Before using the pump, Miller said you should open Bluetooth settings on your phone and see if there are any devices that have names that are a long string of numbers.

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