Protect Your Business with 2016's Top Legal Tips

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January 03, 2017

Small businesses pay an average of $7,600 a year in legal expenses. Avoid surprises and prepare for common legal issues by reading our top tips of 2016.

Nearly 60% of small businesses have experienced significant legal events in the past two years. Understanding potential legal issues faced by many small business owners will save you money by helping you avoid common problems and being prepared for challenges. Two of the most common issues are contract review and debt collection, which we covered in 2016. As a LegalShield member you have a dedicated provider law firm ready to assist with your legal matters. If you have any questions, contact your LegalShield provider law firm today.

  1. Give Your Business a Legal Checkup – Small businesses pay billions of dollars a year to settle lawsuits. Many of these suits could be avoided by doing a yearly checkup to review your insurance coverage, compliance with wage and hour laws and more. A yearly legal checkup may help you identify frequently overlooked risks. As a LegalShield small business member you have access to attorneys who can help you limit risk and plan for challenges. Click here to begin your small business legal checkup

  2. Review Your Independent Contractor Agreement – If you hire or are employed as an independent contractor you should utilize an agreement to clarify worker classification, payments, deadlines, taxes, dispute resolution and more. Having an attorney review the agreement may help you avoid disputes and potential liability. Read, “9 Reasons You Need an Independent Contractor Agreement” and contact your LegalShield provider law firm to have an attorney review any agreements before you sign.

  3. Take Your Collection Matter to Small Claims Court – It may be possible to take debt collection matters to small claims court. If you meet your state’s requirements for small claims and have proper documentation small claims court may offer the most reliable and efficient means to a resolution. Read more about filing the right paperwork and preparing for court.

  4. Beware of these Common HR Mistakes – Human resources can be confusing, exhausting and stressful for many small business owners. One of the best ways to stay out of trouble is learn from the mistakes of others. From vetting new hires to protecting against employee theft and creating an employee handbook, read more about how to avoid some of the most common mistakes.

  5. Know Your Sales Tax Requirements – Avoid fines and possible prosecution by properly collecting and reporting sales taxes. Depending on where you conduct business, you may need to apply for a permit before collecting sales tax. Click to read more about sales tax exemptions, record keeping and more.

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