Is Your Business Mobile Ready?

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August 15, 2016

Nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone. For many it is the primary access point for email and web browsing. Businesses have also taken advantage of these tools to speed up service or promote a brand. If your business is not mobile ready, it probably should be. The following information explains the benefits of mobile technology and how it may help you grow your business.

  • Google Searches – Nearly 70% of online searches are done on Google. Google’s search engine update in April of 2015 began prioritizing mobile friendly websites. Now, when searches are done on a mobile device, mobile friendly websites receive a higher ranking. If your business’s website is not mobile ready you could lose a significant amount of search traffic. Click here to test your site for mobile readiness using Google’s webmaster tool.

  • Website Content – Having a website that works on a mobile device is a great start, but you will also need to optimize your content for mobile users. Keep information short and to the point.  Place the most important information at the top of the page. Use contrasting colors and larger font size to improve text visibility. Consider multimedia flipbooks or videos to present information.

  • Smartphone Payments – Google Wallet and Apple Pay are gaining wider acceptance from retailers and consumers. It may not be long before a majority of consumers stop carrying credit and debit cards. Check with your payment service provider to find out what you need to accept smartphone payments.

  • Workflow – One of the challenges of operating a small business is staying connected to all of the various aspects of your business. From marketing to timekeeping, you can do a great deal more than just check email on your smart phone.  There are apps that allow you to access and edit documents, conduct meetings, review your bank account, track expenses, check inventory and more. Periodically check for new apps to identify those that may help improve your business’s workflow and keep you connected. 

  • Security – It is important to take security precautions to protect the valuable data on your smartphone. Always use a password to protect your smartphone. Avoid free open Wi-Fi when accessing sensitive data. Use encryption to secure data in the event your phone is lost or stolen. If you need assistance talk with your phone provider or an IT professional. 

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