Coming Soon – Blitzer’s! Premium Frozen Yogurt

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March 20, 2018
MENIFEE, CA – Blitzer’s! Premium Frozen Yogurt is coming to Menifee, and they plan to lead the craze.
Coming Soon – Blitzer’s! Premium Frozen Yogurt – Shoppes at the Lakes

Blitzer’s!, to be located in Shoppes at the Lake, at 29101 Newport Road, Suite 103, will have seven build-it-yourself stations for frozen yogurt, gelato, custard, toppings, and other tasty desserts.

Co-owner Roger Copp, currently a Fire Captain here in Riverside County stated, “Construction will be underway on March 1”, on their first store.  He couldn’t give a definitive date to when the shop will open, but he did indicate an early May 2018 opening in a response to a comment on their business’ Facebook page.

Frozen yogurt is a family-favorite across the country, and the Copp’s said they plan to make it their priority to be the local family-favorite hangout, appealing to both children and adults.  Rhonda Copp added, “we will make every effort to make people smile when they visit Blitzer’s!”.

Consideration of Special Dietary Needs

Blitzer’s! will offer yogurt options that have no sugar added, are high fructose corn syrup free, gluten-free, and vegan. All of Blitzer’s yogurt will be certified kosher, and all their dairy yogurts are made with live, active cultures and from milk purchased from family-owned farms in California where cows are treated humanely and without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Yogurt flavors utilize largely real food ingredients over artificial flavors, favoring spices, fruits and real cake over chemicals. Clearly, the health qualities of a particular frozen yogurt creation will be dependent on the yogurt and toppings that are chosen, but almost everyone can find a combination that they will enjoy and be able to eat at Blitzer’s!

Community Driven

Blitzer’s will, as well as strongly encourage all future franchises, play an active role in their community and give back through donations, events or partnerships. Menifee’s Blitzer’s! will host fundraiser nights for local schools and non-profit organizations donating a percentage of sales to those organizations.  Their mascot, Blitzer, will also be making special visits to those needing a little lift and a reason to smile.

“We really like the Frozen Yogurt business model because it is a much healthier treat and, at the same time, a fun experience for the entire family.  Part of what makes us excited about being business owners is bringing new concepts into our community,” said co-owner Rhonda Copp.

The Menifee store will be the first of their franchising venture.

Rhonda & Roger Copp, Owners