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September 26, 2017

Is your personal information 'personal'? This following story is the difference between having an identity theft MONITORING SERVICE like most services versus our identity theft RESTORATION SERVICE by the licensed investigators at Kroll and attorneys at LegalShield. Read this story, then contact me for more information.

"I went to renew my drivers license in California and was told I couldn't because there was a hold on my account in North Carolina. Called the NC DMV and was told my license was suspended for outstanding fines from a ticket I got 3 years prior in Kannapolis, NC (a city I'd never been to). Someone used my drivers license, pleaded guilty in court as me, then never paid their court fines, which led to a warrant for me in NC! The DMV told me I'd need to pay the fines to drive legally or hire a lawyer in NC if I wanted to fight it! I hung up feeling pretty relieved that I do actually have a law firm in North Carolina, thanks to LegalShield, but this time I tapped my IDShield app and got connected with an awesome licensed investigator. He did some research, made some calls, got me connected with the right people and within 1 week I was driving again legally and it all cost me $0. My investigator took another week to clear up the warrant in NC. I love my LegalShield & IDShield!
- S. Beck, California

If you have questions or want to sign up: https://www.idshield.com/?hub=pliso

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